2.0 Progress [5]

Hey everyone! Ritz here!

I know its been so, so, so long since my last update here. I've actually long graduated since July and haven't been too well since then. I had to get a day job and go on with the usual thing that happens after college, y'know. If y'all haven't been checking out the Tumblr page (please do), I have gone through two really shitty months because I tried being a teacher but it wasn't really for me cuz I ended up getting extremely sick because of the stress and exhaustion (I barely had sleep nor any time to do anything else even at home) and I quit. 

Job hunting was a bitch, had to end a connection with someone who's been super close to my heart, I'm still a bit heartbroken but I'm getting better. But this month, its been pretty okay, I got another day job but I'm still trying to crunch in time to complete Day 2 and Day 3 because this is a precious project of mine, I don't want to let go of this yet until I've fully finished the game.  So here are some updates:

  • Seth Day 2 CG and Day 2 scene complete
  • Zachary Day 2 BG complete &  50% of the scene complete
  • Simon Day 2 CG 50% complete 
  • New Menu Screen Art 40% complete

As you can see, I've only done almost half of Day 2 during these two months and will eventually get to Day 3. Thank you all for your patience and I hope that by the time I've released this update, you'll get to enjoy it as much as the first demo.

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hey hope you are better now! I'm sure that me and other fans would rather have you take your time and get well than stress over this. i'm sure we will still wait here for updates!!! now i'm going to play it agin


take are of yourself<3 this game will be worth the wait dw !!<3


Make sure not to force yourself too much! We all love this game but we would hate to see you burn out! Take good care of yourself and your mental health!

I hope you feel better and things work out we are rooting for you <3! \o/

I'm so sorry about all these things that happened to you. i genuinely hope you're doing better. no need to rush with development either. take your time and take care. wishing you all the best things <3


I always wondered what happened to you and dude i'm sorry abt it, i hope your doing just fine rn and thank you for using the time to do a update for us, rest well and don't use to much of your energy. We all love the game has it is so thank you and take care! <3


I wasn't really up to date what happened with you during these months but please take the time you need to be able to recover and rest well once you have the strength to! I'm sure we'll all love the update, but for us we hope you stay strong and that your new job will be much suited for you!

Good luck but also take care! 


Sorry for what you went through and i hope you stay strong in other tougher times. Sometimes in those times we think that it won't get better but trust me it will!

Take care and good luck with your new job, i hope this one suits you more ^^