2.0 Progress [3]

I am back and ready to work more smoothly on the project!

I have been pretty busy with irl business BUT I finally had gotten back to normal schedules and will be working on the game properly once more! I have done a few backgrounds from before such as:

  • One CG route scene
  • One NPC Sprite

So far for the code, I've long started Day 2-3 (As i have decided to make the game plot go about a week) so I hope to finish these soon and show them all!!

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Do you have a rough estimate for when the full release will happen? NO PRESSURE AT ALL!! I just wanna know :)


Hmmm... i guess you could say roughly in a month or three from now cuz It kinda depends on how much college is going to have me in a chokehold. <3 Though I will try my best to be able to finish up what I need to for this coming update! I'm very much glad people are waiting patiently for what I have in store for them soon.


aaaa exciting!! Thank u for responding, especially so fast :) I hope college goes smoothly and chokes you less lmao

Yeess!! <3

Fuck Yeah!!!! I can't wait for this.


I thought there was an update T-T But I'm glad you're going back to working on the game! I'm so excited :DD

yayy thank you so much. I played it for the first time yesterday and fell in love with it! You are so talented. The music was so calming and the scenes were gorgeous