Small announcement

The dev dying from college tasks and research

I'll be fine, don't worry.
Hello everyone and to those new people who liked the game demo so far!

Regarding the last progress update, I've only been able to complete Seth's Day 2 scene and half of Zachary's Day 2, along with Simon's CG art still being made for his Day 2/3 scenes. 

However, I will sadly have to decide to take a very short break from development as I am already overwhelmed with the last few weeks of college [ Castone Project defense and final well as Graduation and commissions to keep up with fees needed to be paid. ]. I have been constantly been drained of energy and getting more sick from exhaustion and worries I might not push out things I planned to do. I apologize for the constant pauses for the development but progress is still progress. I am only one person operating the accounts, coding ,  art, as well as scripting and it is hard to juggle all of that along with personal life matters.

I will take some time until June [Or when I've graduated college finally] and get back to developing this game. I am not giving up, I will only take a small break for the sake of my health and studies. 

Thank you all so much for understanding and the continuous support for "Colored Gaze". I will still be active on the official socials linked here on the official Colored Gaze carrd. If you would like to give more support, my Kofi is linked in my page or through the download modals.

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Wonder how you're holding up this days


congratulations on graduating!! and please take all the time you need we will be here patiently waiting when you return! <3

Np Take care yourself that main important thing is your health


I'm so glad you're taking a break it takes a lot of work creating a game while also trying to finish college! You deserve this much needed break and I hope you enjoy it while taking care of yourself!


Thanks for the update. Congrats on graduating! You've worked so hard :) continue to take care of yourself. 


hell yeah, kill those college courses and take however much time is required to make this game the best it can be while taking care of yourself


I see take as much time as you need and take care and good luck with whatever you plan on doing on June/till you graduate ^^