DEMO 1.0 is out !!!

After a long while, I've finally gotten to push out the first demo of Colored Gaze despite all the irl fuss !

I'm both excited and nervous to see how you will all enjoy my first demo!

There will be future updates which will include more scenes, choices, and sprites.

But in the meantime, this will be a first view of what I've been making for the last few months so do leave a comment or any feedback !


[ DEMO 1.0 ] 101 MB
Sep 07, 2022
[ DEMO 1.0 ] 96 MB
Sep 07, 2022

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ahhhh i love all of them so far!!! this is very good so far, i love the artwork especially !! 

if i had to choose a fav it'd probably be simon... i'm a sucker for sweet-yet-suspicious characters HAHA


Oh my god this art is amazing and really detailed!! I love the shading and the story is pretty relatable (or I just have no life besides school lol)

The characters are also really pretty and Avery (while bein a snarky like shi-) is so far my favorite lol