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Cant wait to see the rest of this game :3


Love it! Can't wait for updates! The game is literally too shooooooooooooooooooort!!!!!!!!! IDK BUT I OLREDY LIKE SETH TF?????


can/t.wait. for. the. full. release.


Zach, you're gonna have to come closer to my window. My squirty bottle doesn't spray that far...

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I love this so much! Can't wait for the release >w<


I love this game already! I really enjoyed my time playing it! My eyes are on Simon like pls I love him so much he's so preshuss β™‘


hope to play the full release one day!!


omg this was amazing. I am just so sad itΒ΄s over already... I am looking forward to read more of this story, hopefully soon, i am kind of intrigued now


Nothing could go wrong from working at a convenience store, right?

Unfortunately, there isn't much I can say about the story this early on, as it's mainly an introduction to each character, the world we're in, and the potential danger at hand.

However, I do love the artwork. Admittedly, I was immediately drawn into it upon seeing the devilishly handsome love interest in Espoir Du Vide's playthrough.

Can't wait to see what's to come!


Super like boys who blush easily! I love Simon!(ΰ©­ΛŠκ’³Λ‹)੭✧

Interesting game.

Looking forward to the full release of this game =)


OMGosh I had fun playing this! The art is absolutely gorgeous and the characters are so handsome and instantly likableβ™₯ I can't wait to see more but take your time, I'm very eager to see more!

Oh my goodness!!!  Thank you so much for playing my game ;0; omw to watch your video hehe

WWoowoo the art is amazing and the game seems so interesting ^^ I can't wait! (◍‒ᴗ‒◍)

Looking forward to it (⁠◍⁠‒⁠ᴗ⁠‒⁠◍⁠)


The art is so good! all the characters are amazing, can't wait to see the next update <33


I am really liking the VN so far! The art style is so pretty and I am already in love with all 3 love interests (I'm having such a hard time choosing between them but i'm currently leaning towards seth!) I am super excited about how the story will turn out in the future! (Also the title pic alone is super rad looking!)

Deleted 325 days ago

Hello! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the first demo of Colored Gaze! You can follow the game's ongoing development on the  official twitter account !

I'm so excited about the demo! The characters are all so endearing and I really can't wait to see more of them, but can we please talk about the backgrounds for a second, because I. Love. the backgrounds!!! I loved the art style and they were so detailed, I had to kinda pause and take them in -probably a silly detail to focus on, I know, but they really drew my attention!

Oh my goodness ;0; thank you so much, it took such a long time to make it all and I'm overall glad you got to enjoy the demo ! Hoping to push out a longer and better demo in the 2.0 version!

Thank you for all the hard work as well, it really shows even in this early stage - the goth auntie in me was a little too excited to see the use of purples and grays, I'm not gonna lie, and the background of the steet and the convienience store especially had me head over heals, they looked amazing (I'll stop now, 'cause I could talk about it for days)! Beautiful work, and they definitely deserve a bit of gushing over!

I neglected to talk about the writing a bit, but honestly, the subtle hints about the main cast where *chef's kiss* - the way they talked and interacted with the main character could hint to their "true colours" if you are actively looking for signs, otherwise they sound so perfectly normal and charming! Very well handled, I can see a person realistically being "tricked" by that first impression!

We'll all wait patiently for the future updates and personally I'm very very excited to see what you have in store - especially after the last scene of the demo, delightfully creepy! 

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