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First of all, sorry for my bad English, I'm not very used to writing in English, so I'm using google translator, and secondly, I really liked the Game Demo! The character design, the background music, everything is amazing! But, there is a small problem, I cannot go back to where my last Save was, there is no "load" option to load/go back to your last Save, which makes it a little complicated in case we players need to save and exit the middle of the game to do something else, I don't want to sound rude, it's just a detail I noticed, if I downloaded the wrong file without this option, you can let me know that this way I download the right file, sorry for the inconvenience




The realest


I enjoyed this demo, sad that it is so short, but I'm looking forward to future updates and, hopefully, full release whenever it happens.\o/


Man, it's criminal how short it is but I adore the art for the different LIs! I like how different each of them appear to be, especially regarding how they handle the skittish nervous trainwreck MC (they're seriously adorable). I feel like both Seth and Zach have fun teasing MC but Seth is very obvious about it while Zach is very subtle and "gentlemanly" while Simon is equally flustered as MC but getting bolder and bolder.

Not going to lie, I'm very curious about what you mean by supernatural horror because so far from what I've seen in the demo, the setting is modern echoing our own time. The supernatural aspect I'm thinking about is either in a literal sense or that MC is hallucinating or overwhelmed by the situation and they rationalize or their mind conjures terrifying "supernatural" things that make sense to them. 

But other to that, I'm very curious to how things turn out. Especially for Zach since with Seth and Simon we get to see how they begin to be attracted to MC. For Zach (in my route) they just bumped into one another, is Zach a hopeless romantic then? That's why he became attracted to MC like all those cliche romance trope? Either way, looking forward to the madness!


Aw man, I cannot wait for the full release. I’m already half white-knuckling it as it is, and we’re not even that deep. This is so cute and eerie at the same time. I both cannot and have to keep going, haha. It’s wonderful. Super well-done. I really cannot wait!


Simon is such a babygirl material that he could break my neck and i wouldn't mind...however, IS SIMON DOUBLE FACED? now that would definitely make me paranoid.

Still, good luck with the development of this game, I love the designs too much!



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Can't wait for more :>


Liked it so far but there is no "load" option tho

me waiting for the other route


looking forward to the full release! I admit, I have a fondness for twinks like Avery so I was half hoping he gets a route too, but the present LIs are all very loveable in their own way so it's all good!


Love the demo! I actually love how mc is on the softer side, we all aren't rude to people we just meet lmao, wild to see such a rude comment on a game like this. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to play more!


I don/t know if i/ve already commented here, but I just replayed the game and I cannot express just how much I can/t wait for the update. Literally fangirling (i/m fanning myself and everything) over two dudes here. My soft boy and my resting bitch face boy. Take your time obviously, I understand that when you/re rushed, a hobby becomes a chore, but just know this is already starting to look N I C E A S A Q U I E T EV EN IN G AL O NE WITH TEA AN D M US IC.

(it/s way too early and i/ve had 3 cups of coffee and tea, so don/t mind the weird tones of this comment)


hmm i wish their was a patreon :(

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you can save but not load... make things make sense 


Thank you for pointing this out! This'll be fixed once the update is done!


Fuck this game! I couldn't even get to see all the guys, the MC is so skittish and soft! There is no way she works retail, and I HIGHLY suspect this was written by a teenager who's never interacted with people outside their school. Don't waste your time playing, there are better games out there, FAR BETTER, and your time is worth so much more than this hot garbage!


Hi there, developer here. The fact you said "You haven't seen any of the boys" is honestly a huge conundrum to me considering this is a demo of the game (and introductory of the LIs and the surroundings. Showing Seth, Simon and Zachary.) You have yet to see the whole thing yet and assuming this is what my game has as a whole? Do be patient.

Again, this is just a demo as I am currently making another update to this game until the full release. 


Hey, could you actually use your words to give a valid critique instead of being an asshole? This serves no other reason than to come off as hateful and rude. Like you say they never interact with anyone but what you wrote dead ass comes off as friendless behavior and like you're the teenager LOL

If you don't like it and have no real feedback to give then just idk go outside and touch grass. Don't be a dick online LOL

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hold up, did you leave this comment because the creator doesn't like YBF?

edit: oh my god you did!! that's so embarrassing 


dude, you look like an utter dick. your review is unhelpful and does not provide constructive criticism to make the game better. 

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I hope you realize that the MC is a character, just because they're not confrontational or come off as strong doesn't mean some people can't relate to them. There are different range of personalities working in costumer services. Having experience working in retailing, I am not the most confrontational person so I can somewhat relate to the MC, since I don't feel safe/ need to be friends with every costumers/ person or strike up every conversations, my safety and concerns comes first if I sense any hidden intentions. This also apply outside of the workforce too.


This is simply straight up flaming and hatreds. Next time, educate yourself with 'how to constructively criticizing someone'. Besides, this is roughly a demo. Raw concept, i'd say.


I played this game a while ago and I still can't wait for the next update. This game keeps coming back to my mind and I haven't been able to keep the thought of it out of my head.


I can't wait the next update!!

very fun! i really enjoyed all the characters and the environment was very spooky



Cant wait to see the rest of this game :3


Love it! Can't wait for updates! The game is literally too shooooooooooooooooooort!!!!!!!!! IDK BUT I OLREDY LIKE SETH TF?????


can/t.wait. for. the. full. release.


Zach, you're gonna have to come closer to my window. My squirty bottle doesn't spray that far...

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I love this so much! Can't wait for the release >w<


I love this game already! I really enjoyed my time playing it! My eyes are on Simon like pls I love him so much he's so preshuss ♡


hope to play the full release one day!!


omg this was amazing. I am just so sad it´s over already... I am looking forward to read more of this story, hopefully soon, i am kind of intrigued now


Nothing could go wrong from working at a convenience store, right?

Unfortunately, there isn't much I can say about the story this early on, as it's mainly an introduction to each character, the world we're in, and the potential danger at hand.

However, I do love the artwork. Admittedly, I was immediately drawn into it upon seeing the devilishly handsome love interest in Espoir Du Vide's playthrough.

Can't wait to see what's to come!


Super like boys who blush easily! I love Simon!(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧

Interesting game.

Looking forward to the full release of this game =)


OMGosh I had fun playing this! The art is absolutely gorgeous and the characters are so handsome and instantly likable♥ I can't wait to see more but take your time, I'm very eager to see more!

Oh my goodness!!!  Thank you so much for playing my game ;0; omw to watch your video hehe

WWoowoo the art is amazing and the game seems so interesting ^^ I can't wait! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Looking forward to it (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)


The art is so good! all the characters are amazing, can't wait to see the next update <33


I am really liking the VN so far! The art style is so pretty and I am already in love with all 3 love interests (I'm having such a hard time choosing between them but i'm currently leaning towards seth!) I am super excited about how the story will turn out in the future! (Also the title pic alone is super rad looking!)

Deleted 269 days ago

Hello! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the first demo of Colored Gaze! You can follow the game's ongoing development on the  official twitter account !

I'm so excited about the demo! The characters are all so endearing and I really can't wait to see more of them, but can we please talk about the backgrounds for a second, because I. Love. the backgrounds!!! I loved the art style and they were so detailed, I had to kinda pause and take them in -probably a silly detail to focus on, I know, but they really drew my attention!

Oh my goodness ;0; thank you so much, it took such a long time to make it all and I'm overall glad you got to enjoy the demo ! Hoping to push out a longer and better demo in the 2.0 version!

Thank you for all the hard work as well, it really shows even in this early stage - the goth auntie in me was a little too excited to see the use of purples and grays, I'm not gonna lie, and the background of the steet and the convienience store especially had me head over heals, they looked amazing (I'll stop now, 'cause I could talk about it for days)! Beautiful work, and they definitely deserve a bit of gushing over!

I neglected to talk about the writing a bit, but honestly, the subtle hints about the main cast where *chef's kiss* - the way they talked and interacted with the main character could hint to their "true colours" if you are actively looking for signs, otherwise they sound so perfectly normal and charming! Very well handled, I can see a person realistically being "tricked" by that first impression!

We'll all wait patiently for the future updates and personally I'm very very excited to see what you have in store - especially after the last scene of the demo, delightfully creepy! 

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